Last two weeks we learn about preposition in Japanese. The main theme is  どこにありますか? (Where is it?)


The usage of います/あります differs.

います / いません to show the presence/absence of living things such as human.

あります / ありません to show the presence/absence of non living things such as doll.


During class, our sensei played a recording in japanese that give instruction where to put the pictures. And this is how it looks like.


Being 20+ years old, I enjoyed it as much as during my kindergarten days.

Next, I will show you how to use preposition in a sentence.


Q: ねこ は どこ ですか

Q: Where is the cat?

A: ねこ は はこ の なか に います

A: The cat is inside the box.

The phrase どこですか literally means where. You can also use it when asking for direction.

Example: Where is this shop?(while showing the picture of the shop in your smart phone)


Where is your home? 君の家はどこですか




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