Happy Birthday!


Today we will be learning three things:

  1. Months
  2. Date in a Month
  3. Days


Months (~gatsu/~月)


Date in a Month (~nichi/~日)


How to use it?


It is ichigatsu itsuka (1月5日) or ichigatsu go nichi ( 1月5)

When you use itsuka, there’s no need to put nichi (day)


Days in a week (~youbi/ ~曜日)


As you can see every day in a week has a meaning.

  • Nichiyoubi (曜日):  Nichi 日is the kanji for sun. Sunday is sunny day.
  • Getsuyoubi (曜日):  Getsu 月 is the kanji for moon. Monday is a moon day.
  • Kayoubi (曜日):  Ka 火 is the kanji for fire. Tuesday is fire day.
  • Suiyoubi (曜日):  Sui 水 is the kanji for water. Wednesday is water day.
  • Mokuyoubi (曜日):  Moku 木 is the kanji for wood. Thursday is wood day.
  • Kinyoubi (曜日):  Kin 金 is the kanji for gold. Friday is gold day.
  • Doyoubi (曜日):  Do 土 is kanji for soil. Saturday is soil day.



Ramadan (fasting month) is around the corner. So when is it? ラマダンはいつですか

I can say that Ramadan this year is from 27th May till 26th June. (In Malaysia)

In Japanese, 今年ラマダンは5月27日から6月26日までです。

~から~まで literally means ~from ~till.

also いつですか is when is it.


Finally, I hope that you can tell your birthday in Japanese.

When is your bithday?



Today is our birthday.



thank you.

note: learning material is not owned by me.

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