What Time Is It?



Because today we are going to learn about telling time in Japanese.

(RIP Misora Naomi)



Okay back to our topic.

What time is it?


note that Four (yon), Seven (nana), and Nine (kyu) have different reading.

Instead of yon(四), it is yo-ji (4) ; four o’clock


above is the kanji to show time.

How about this one?


We can read it as 4 and half (yo-ji han/ 4時)or 4 and 30 minutes (yo-ji sanjyuppun/ 4時30

This is the kanji for half (han)


and this is the kanji for minutes (fun/pun)

Why there are two ways of reading? Which one to use? fun or pun? Let the picture below explains.


p/s: Most of the image and learning material is not owned by me.

Happy learning:).

Thank you.


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