My House 私の家



Our topic of last week lesson was My house. We learnt on how to describe where do we live and about our house in Japanese.

House is ie(家)or  uchi(うち)


Atashinchi(あたしんち)the title of this anime is another word for Watashi no Uchi or My House.

1. Where do you live?

わたし は  place に すんでいます。

2. What type of house do you live?

わたし の いえ は type of house です。

Type  of house varies among different countries. Japan houses are


  • Manshon マンション
  • Apaato アパート
  • Ikkodatte いっこだて

Meanwhile Malaysian houses are


  • Furatto フラット
  • Kondominiamu コンドミニアム
  • Rinku Hausu リンクハウス
  • Semi dii セミディイ
  • Bangaroo バンガロー

Of course there are a lot more for both country but these are the common.

3. With whom do you live?


わたし ひとり  すんでいます (I live alone)

ともだち  すんでいます (I live with my friends)

Note that particle being used when you live alone and particle (literally mean and) to describe that there is another person living with you.

4. How is your house?

わたし の いえ は adjective です。

Here we are going to use the adjective-i such as..

  • Small ちいさい  vs Big おおきい
  • Spacious ひろい vs   Narrow せまい
  • New あたらしい vs   Old ふるい
  • Bright あかるい vs    Dark くらい

Also when we want to put to adjective together in one sentence, it has to be like this

わたし の いえ は おおきくて あたらし です。

My house is big and new.

おおき where the last will be eliminated and add くて for and.


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