Haiku 俳句


Last two weeks we learn about haiku.

What is a haiku?

Haiku is a Japanese poem that have 17 syllables, in the from of three lines sentences. The sentence count is 5-7-5

Basically you can make it in any language as long as you follow the syllables rule.


I have my own haiku that was being inspired by this scene immediately on my way back after watching this movie




The main character Shouya misunderstood the heroine, Shouko’s confession who is deaf and never use her voice to communicate. She said 好き (like/ I like you) which has the same pronounciation as 月 (moon).

つきみたい (5)

きれいなひかり (7)

きみはすき  (5)

English translation:

Like a moon

What a beautiful light

I like you

Later I found out about the love/moon expression in another manga that clearly explain the situation.


thanks for reading:)

Source: Koe no Katachi by Kyoani.
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun by Tsubaki Izumi.

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