My Family



Last week, we learnt about My Family (わたしのかぞく)

We need to talk about our own family in front of the class in Nihon-Go.

So, this is how you introduce your family to public. For privacy purpose, I’ll be using the Uzumaki family:).cropped-screenshot-1041

And watashi (私)in this story will be Boruto.

Watashi no kazoku wa yonin desu. Chichi to haha to imouto to watashi desu. Chichi wa konoha no hokage desu. Haha wa shufu desu. Imouto wa mada akademi no seito de wa arimasen. Watashi wa mada genin desu. Watashi tachi wa konohagakure no sato de sundeimasu.

Family : Kazoku (かぞく)

Father : Chichi (父)

Mother : Haha (母)

Little Sister: Imouto (妹)

Other useful vocab

Brother : Ani (あに)

Little brother : Otouto (おとうと)

Sister : Ane (あね)

Son : Musuko (むすこ)

Daughter : Musume (むすめ)

Husband : Otto (おっと)

Wife : Tsuma (つま)

Kids : Kodomo (こども)



”Ore no ryoushin  (りょうしん)wa mou nakunarimashitaなくなりました)”

Parents : Ryoushin/ Oya ; go ryoushin for referring to other person’s parent.

Already passed away : Mou nakunarimashita. This phrase is use when we refer to our family that already passed away.

Thank you.



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