Japanese Cultural Day


Yesterday (Thursday 2nd March 2017) was Japanese Cultural Day in my University.


This is the whole tentative of the program but I managed to attend only half of them due to clash class.

There was origami (おりがみ)class and I did enjoy participating folding and tearing paper with a nice Japanese teacher.


This are tulips. Pink one is mine,the blue one is mine too..it happened to be on my desk.


Paper crane!. I admit that this one is hard (むずかし)because I kept fold and undo it about ten times. I forgot to ask the Sensei (先生)even her name and how do you combine the crane to this.


I regret the most for not capture enough images to show :(.

There was a Talk during the evening about Malaysian mainly the Muslims culture and Japanese culture. The panels consists of three Malay gentleman who previously work/study in Japan. The Japanese ask them what do they do when there was a nomikai (のみかい)where they will drink sake and eat yakiniku with colleagues. One of the panel said that I do accept the invitation but I will just drink cola and eat peanuts.He said they do respect his beliefs and they do have fun together.I found that cute thought. HAHA.

That’s all.

Looking foward to my next class.



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