Nihon-Go (日本語)

Introduction to Japanese language.


This week we are going to learn about three type of japanese writting system.

  1. Hiragana (ひらがな)
  2. Katakana (カタカナ)
  3. Kanji  (漢字)



Hiragana is the simplest form of japanese writing system. It is said that hiragana was developed by woman during the ancient Japan. This is why it was known as 女手 (女:woman;手:hand) and has a round and feminine shape.



In contrast to hiragana, katakana was mainly used by man (Buddhist monk) during the ancient Japan and is known by 男手 (男:boy; 手:hand). Today, katakana will be used to write japanese loanwords from foreign language. A non japanese will write their name using katakana. However, writing Japanese word in katakana is seem as trendy.



Japanese kanji was adopted from the Chinese character. Kanji conveys meaning such as (mountain) and (green). Each kanji has more than one possible way to read it. Kanji are used to write names, nouns, verbs and adjectives. 

By combining this three writing system…



Thank you:)

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