Greeting culture あいさつ

Hello! こんにちわ!

Today’s lesson is about greeting. Greeting is the most basic manner in the Japanese culture. There is two type of greeting

  1. Timely
  2. Occassionally




Timely greeting is pretty much the same to Malay or English such as

Selamat pagi/Good morning                   Ohayou gozaimasu (おはようございます)

Selamat petang/Good evening               Konbanwa (こんばんわ)

Selamat malam/Good night                    Oyasuminasai (おやすみなさい)


itadakimasuCompared to the Malay culture (a culture that I most familiar with), the Japanese greeting is much more specific. It is not like we don’t have it but we rarely use it/we do use it but it is not standardize where everyone will use that specific word. For example

Leaving and coming home

Saya pergi dulu/I’ll leave first               Itte kimasu (いってきます)

Selamat jalan                                              Itte rasshai   (いってらっしゃい)

Saya dah pulang/I’m home                    Tadaima  (ただいま)

Selamat pulang/welcome home           Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい)

Self Introduction

Selamat berkenalan                                  Hajimemashite (はじめまして)

Completing work/ leaving workspace

Early leavers: Osakini shitsurei shimasu (おさきにしつれいします)

The one who still working: Otsukare sama deshita (おつかれさまでした)


Sorry/Excuse me                                       Sumimasen (すみません)

Totally sorry                                               Gomennasai (ごめんあさい)

Before and after eating

Itadakimasu (いただきます)

Gochisousama deshita (ごちそうさまでした)

p/s: I’m not a native English speaker so some translation may not be correct.

Thank you for reading:)


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